# About

SocialiteProviders is a collection of OAuth 1 & 2 packages that extend Laravel Socialite.

The Observer Pattern is used by the Manager package to extend Socialite. This allows numerous providers to be used in addition to the ones provided by Laravel Socialite (they can be overridden easily). Only the providers that you add to the listeners array will be used.

Providers have been created by a wide range of people, and the specific creator is mentioned on the website for each provider.

Providers are mostly maintained by @atymic and @lucasmichot.

# Provider Issues

Please create an issue on the Monorepo (opens new window), ideally with an accompanying PR to fix it 😃

# Provider Requests

Please create a comment on this issue (opens new window). Then ideally create a PR, following the instructions on the contributing page (opens new window).

# Credits

Special thanks to @faustbrian and @AndyWendt for their work on the Manager.

Thanks to @m1guelpf for his maintenance of the provider over the years.